How To Be Well

Use your own natural resources to get well and stay well for life

How to Be Well reveals the best methods for readers to take their wellbeing into their own hands. Through simple explanations and highly practical exercises, you will increase your self-awareness and learn how to work actively with your heart, mind and soul to create deep transformational change. 

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How to Be Well

Use your Natural Resources to Get Well and Stay Well, for Life!

A book by Abby Wynne, published by Hay House.

My book from Hay House is called How To Be Well is in all good bookshops both online and in your neighbourhood. I have also developed an online class which takes you through the first part of the book over 6 weeks, with me to support you on your journey. 

Get the e-book delivered directly to your Kindle device, or get the old fashioned paperback to carry around with you – you can use it as an oracle, open to a page and see what it is that you need. NB: The Book Depository has free International shipping!

What people have said about How to Be Well

“This joyful, healing book is like having a loving, wise personal guide take your hand and bring you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be. You will feel better just as you read, and how deep you go is up to you – it’s all here for the taking! You’ll love it!”

- Dr. Joe Vitale

author of The Remembering Process, Zero Limits and The Awakening Course

“Professionals in the healing arts and those who simply want an easy to follow, thoughtfully written guide to getting the best out of life, are in for a real treat! “How to Be Well” is going to change the way in which people approach their own health, allowing compassion for one’s personal history while teaching accountability for present day well-being. This book is an invaluable resource for those who are ready to create real and lasting changes in their lives.”

Dr Mary Helen Hensley

author of “Promised By Heaven”

From my heart to yours

I am so excited that this book is now available for you all. It’s taken 4 years to bring it all together, and I just know that there will be something in it for everyone.

I’ve extracted what I call the “Map of the Journey” from the book, for you to take a look at right here and now, to get an idea of just how much information is covered in How to Be Well.

No matter how you are feeling right now, if you try the exercises in this book, you will feel better.

Two Extracts from How to Be Well, read by me on SoundCloud

More Testimonials for How to Be Well

Abby Wynne reveals a new promise through her book How to Be Well. By creating a steady  flow of ideas derived from the human potential movement’s major thought streams, Abby takes us to an incandescent awareness. Significantly, she leads us to be the witness of our soul striving for wellbeing, light, evolution, freedom and love. What could be better than these gentle reminders about self-care, lying as gold within the deep seams of our potentially rich love?
Stewart Pearce

Master of voice, sound healer and angel medium

How to Be Well, from the deep and delightful Abby Wynne, is full of elegant exercises and powerful practices designed to cultivate and keep your wellness alive. Let Abby gently guide you on the path of permission and promise to a life free of stress and full of joy.
Nancy Levin

author of Jump … And Your Life Will Appear

This book has already earned itself a place on my treasure shelf. Abby’s gentle and practical guidance makes it easy to get in touch with your true state of wellbeing, accept it with love and respect, and then lift yourself to happier and more comfortable levels of wellness.  A gem of a book – clear, complete, achievable and welcoming in a way that can only be described as “Totally Abby”. Excellent excellent book!
Angie Grace

creator of the Angie Grace bestselling colouring books

With How to Be Well, Abby shares an array of wise and wonderful practical insights and exercises for enjoying holistic health in the real world. Not only will she help you get well, but equally important, Abby’s approach can help you to stay well for a wonderful life.
Sandy Newbigging

author of Mind Calm and Body Calm

How to Be Well’ by Abby Wynne is a wonderful, grounded and practical guidebook to help us release those heavy energies that stop us from living a joyous life. A great read for anyone committed to lighting the world up with their presence.
Rebecca Campbell

author of Light is the New Black

You have in your hands a manual for deep self-care. Take a journey with Abby; challenge your identity, your inner wounds and limiting beliefs.  Explore all aspects of yourself, heal your relationships, learn how to stay well for life and reach your full potential. This is not just the theory, Abby has lovingly packed ‘How to Be Well’ with heart-felt meditations, energy techniques and her gentle and caring voice guides you through. Whether you are new to energy work or an experienced therapist, the clarity of this book will ensure that you refer and recommend it time and time again. Abby firmly places the power within your hands, as she so rightly says, “Your journey to wellness starts with you”. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and Be Well.
Kate Marillat

author of Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life

Abby Wynne has written a such a wonderful, easy to understand and practical guide on how to become well. She answers the questions most other books do not. I just know this book will really help people on a fundamental level, and will therefore be a life changer for so many.
Charlotte Reed

author of May The Thoughts Be With You

Have you ever been unwell and it simply makes no logical sense? The Doctors can’t answer why you feel like a slug bug who got out of the wrong side of the bed. Well you need Abby’s book. It’s not the average self-help book, but a self-care book. It’s like reading a personal letter from a friend with some back up real life case studies. It’s packed with exercises that you will actually be bothered to do, as you’ll be inspired by Abby’s down to earth writing to make those changes. If you’re looking to lead an optimal life of vitality, Abby’s book will guide you to make that a reality.
Becky Walsh

Broadcaster, Author, Intuitive and Human Dynamics Expert

Abby has so much to teach us. She stands out as one of the masters of clearing away emotional pain so you can live an authentic, happy and successful life. Her fusion of traditional psychological techniques with new age spiritual practices make her process flawless and fool-proof by not just healing your mind but your body and spirit.
Seán Patrick

Creator of That Guy Who Loves The Universe and This Guys House

This is a “How To” book, because I’m here to teach people how to be well, not to just talk about it.

About this book

In her work as a shamanic psychotherapist, Abby Wynne helps people release repetitive patterns of stress and create huge space for wellness, happiness, peace and empowerment. In How to Be Well, Abby reveals her best methods for readers to take their wellbeing into their own hands.

Through simple explanations and highly practical exercises, you will increase your self-awareness and learn how to work actively with your heart, mind and soul to create deep transformational change. Doing the exercises and making the changes suggested in the book may lead to a decrease in physical pain, a feeling of being more present in your life, and an increase in your feelings of peace and stability in the world.

Learn how to:

  • heal your relationships
  • create stronger boundaries
  • release stress and anxiety
  • reach a new level of vibrant health
  • create a healthier environment
  • reach your full potential and create a life you love!
By working through the healing techniques in this book, you will experience more vibrant health and happiness and have the tools you need to maintain your well-being for the rest of your life.

Abby Wynne is an energy healer, a shamanic psychotherapist, author and teacher. She blends psychotherapy, shamanism and energy healing for a powerful and unique healing experience and teaches her online community how they can empower themselves through spiritual work.


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You can now have guided help working through the contents of this book with my How To Be Well online class.